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SpringCapital Investment Limited is a private Finance and Investment Company in Africa that is collaborate with top world class ranking financial institutions also with private investors around the globe and also partners will best investment companies around the world to boost Africa economics.
We boast over 50 years experience in the trade and Investment, and finance industry.
SpringCapital Investment Limited is the leading consulting partner to the private equity (PE) industry and its stakeholders.

We maintain a global network of experienced professionals serving PE clients. Our practice is more than triple the size of the next largest consulting company serving PE firms.


  • To be the premier international financial firm totally committed to providing world class high-profile trade and finance services, driven by a thorough understanding of how to run a profitable business by providing standard-end services. Our services cover all kinds of trade and finance, and business development.
  • To establish a driving need product in Africa and other countries worldwide and also to engage in the business of buying and selling around the world for efficient service delivery.


To establish a first high-profile driving global investment bank, forseeing a future where we will champion and make financial banking services which would fully meet the needs and demands globally.


Over the years, SpringCapital Investment Limited was in existence since 1976, and now officially re-incorporated as a trade and investment and finance company in the year 2018 around the globe to provide world-class trade & finance and investment services, while also engaging into buying and selling of commodity.

We are determined to provide global services.