At SpringCapital Investment Limited, we offer a wide range of services aimed at business and economic growth

Trade & Finance

We empower our customers with payment and supply obligations involved in their trade transactions

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Investment Banking

We are focused on principal investing in strategic sectors of the Nigerian economy, across all geographies and industries

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Asset Management

We monitor, maintain and manage assets to achieve the greatest return of value to our stakeholders.

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Maritime Investment

We successfully execute investment strategies through the direct management and operation of marine assets

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Real Estate Investment

We are aimed at delivering sustainable Real Estate solutions that flourish as investments

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Wealth Management

We are dedicated to helping individuals and families grow, protect and transfer their wealth

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Oil & Gas Investment

SpringCapital Investment Limited provides direct investment opportunities in the increasingly profitable oil and gas industry

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Procurement & Logistics

We source and coordinate delivery of high-quality materials and services to support Oil & Gas Companies, private and public sectors’ operations

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Technology & Telecommuting

We guarantee connectivity, productivity and security. Our solutions are tailor-made for small businesses, enterprises etc

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We have targeted investments plan that enables children have the best education at their disposal when necessary and a chance at a secure future.

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Media & Entertainment

Our vision is to have the largest and most profitable media & entertainment interests in Africa, with the ultimate vision of being one of the largest investors

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Global Contractors

At SpringCapital Investment, we believe in the power of synergy. We help our clients achieve greater collaboration among stakeholders

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SpringCapital Investment Limited is a private Investment Bank in Africa that is collaborate with first 35 ranking banks and also partners with top 165 best investment companies with private investors around the world to boost Africa economics.


Over the years, SpringCapital Investment Limited was in existence since 1976, and now officially re-incorporated as an investment bank in the year 2018 around the globe to provide world-class trade & finance and investment services, while also engaging into buying and selling of commodity. We are determined to provide global services.


SCI Portfolio Cash Trade is a platform where private investors come to trade and invest their money in SpringCapital Investment Limited on the return of daily, monthly and yearly income in Africa.
SpringCapital Investment Limited is a financial powerhouse to all kinds of industry, manufacturing companies and commodity traders etc

SCI is a global platform market for everyone’s products.

If you have any inquiries for related investment... We are available to help!